The BK2535 is a RF SOC chip, which combine a 2.4 GHz radio, a fast 8051 compatible CPU named FILE 51, essential peripherals, and on-air compatibility with the other product series from BEKEN. The BK2535 is a perfect fit for HID applications, RF tags and remote controlled products.

1. 1.8 V to 3.6 V power supply 2. FLIP51 MCU compatible with 8051
3. A 4-stage pipeline architecture that enables to execute most of the instructions in a single clock cycle. 4. 32k bytes FLASH for program
5. 256 Bytes IRAM and 2k Bytes SRAM 6. Embedded three Timer/Counter
7. Support UART I2C SPI interface 8. Support AES encryption
9. A pseudo random number generator embedded 10. Total 40 GPIO available
11. The dedicated 2 PWM available and 6 PCA can be used as PWM 12. The embedded BIRD (Built-In Real-time Debugger) system for online debug
13. 8 channel ADC embedded 14. Booster embedded
15. Integrated 2.4G RF transceiver 16. low power consumption, embedded with 32k RC oscillator


Empty rats
Voice remote control
Wireless keyboard
Appliance and toy applications

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