BK5813 is a high data rate FSK/GFSK transceiver operating in the frequency band from 4.9G to 5.85GHz. The embedded packet processing engine enables its full operation with a very simple MCU as a radio system. Burst mode transmission is up to 6 Mbps air data rate make it suitable for applications requiring ultra low power consumption and high data rate. Auto re-transmission and auto acknowledge give reliable link without any MCU interference.

1. 4.9G to 5.85G frequency band 2. Integrated TRX Switch and Balun etc. to decrease external component
3. FSK enables better sensitivity and GFSK gives better spectrum efficiency 4. Support multiple data rate, such as 0.25Mbps,1 Mbps,2 Mbps,4Mbps and 6Mbps air data rate
5. Support data rate adapt between 1Mbps, 4Mbps and 6Mbps for the application simultaneously required high data throughput and long range 6. Ultra low sensitivity with -93dBm for 1Mbps data rate.
7. Programmable output power 8. Up to 12 dBm output power
9. Tolerate +/- 20 PPM 16 MHz crystal 10. Three levels variable payload length from 1 to 32 bytes, or three level variable payload length from 1 to 256 bytes
11. Automatic packet processing 12. 6 data pipes for 1:6 star networks
13. 1.8 V to 3.6 V power supply 14. 4-pin SPI interface with MCU with maximum 8 Mbps clock rate
15. Compact 24-pin 4x4 mm QFN package


5.8 G wireless data transmission module
The control command transmission of the unmanned aerial vehicle
Wireless keyboard mouse
Wireless remote controller
Wireless audio transmission (external coding and decoding chip required)
Other wireless audio transmission functions

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