Beken was invited to participate in the "Matter China Developer Conference" and give a keynote speech


On December 2, 2022, the CSA Connectivity Standards Alliance (Connectivity Standards Alliance) held the "Matter China Developers Conference" in Shenzhen, bringing technical features introduction, ecological access and certification tests to the industry who are concerned about Matter applications great content. Broadcom Integrated Circuit (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Broadcom Integrated") was invited to participate in this developer conference, and Luo Jun, the company's software development manager, gave a wonderful speech on the theme of "BEKEN's Matter Solution".

The Matter protocol is a new connection standard released by CSA, and it is also a globally unified IP-based IoT standard. Before the launch of the Matter protocol, although major terminal brand manufacturers at home and abroad have established their own smart ecosystems, the differences in platform protocols and the lack of unified connection standards have long plagued the development of the AIoT industry. With the launch of the Matter protocol, this dilemma is expected to be completely changed. A few days ago, the BK7231 and BK7235 series chips integrated by Broadcom have taken the lead in passing the Matter certification of the CSA Alliance, becoming the first batch of manufacturers in the world to pass the Matter certification.

As the guest speaker of the "Matter China Developers Conference", Luo Jun from Beken introduced the progress and achievements of Beken in Matter certification, as well as the technical characteristics and performance advantages of Beken wireless connection chip products , application scenarios and other related content.

Beken can provide one-stop Matter-PKI service, realize automatic submission of pre-configured DAC/PKI, and help customers focus on product application research and development. At present, many customers have widely used the SDK integrated by Broadcom to develop Matter products. With the cooperation of customers, the company has been able to realize the interconnection and intercommunication with the three major ecosystems of Google, Apple and Amazon, as well as the interconnection and intercommunication with Thread devices.

Among them, the BK7231 integrated by Broadcom has passed the Matter certification. The shipment volume of this series of products has exceeded 300 million units. Hundreds of millions of chips work in light bulbs with a temperature as high as 105 degrees Celsius. Tens of millions of chips are used in the home appliance market. The company Has rich experience to deal with complex scenes of high temperature and high humidity. BK7235 has also passed the Matter certification. It adopts the world's leading Wifi-6 MCU + BLE Combo design. It is equipped with 656KB RAM and 4M Flash resources. It can optionally have a built-in PSAM of 2M~8M.

At the same time, because users in the current IoT market have higher and higher requirements for security and confidentiality performance, related products integrated by Broadcom have obtained PSA certification. For example, BK 7235 products have passed PSA Level 1 certification and TFM-based PSA level 2 certification, and integrated PUF features , can protect customers' private data from being copied at a relatively low cost, and has reached the international leading level in terms of information security protection capabilities.

In addition to the above products, the BK7238 integrated by Broadcom is currently the only 22nm IoT application Wi-Fi chip in China, which achieves the lowest power consumption and smallest package of similar products in the market, and has outstanding low power consumption performance. The working current is 30Ma, only 200UA in DITM. Another product of the company, BK7256, is characterized by powerful computing power, which can integrate unique DSP and algorithm modules for AI voice. Through dual-core Risc-v design, the main frequency reaches 320MHz, and it also integrates DVP, USB, RGB, Codec, JPEG and other rich peripherals.

With a rich portfolio of high-performance products, Beken has now entered the supply chain systems of customers such as Tuya, Midea, Hisense, and Lidarxin. The company's products have multi-device access, high anti-interference ability, longer communication distance, lower characteristics such as power consumption. Beken will assist the full-scenario implementation of the Matter protocol and the application of terminal equipment, realize the mass and multi-functionalization of terminal edge computing nodes such as automobiles, home appliances, wearables, audio and video, and jointly open up a new era of AIoT Internet of Things industry development.

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