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"Integrated Wireless, Infinite Innovation". On the afternoon of June 28, 2019, TEEC (Tsinghua Entrepreneur Association) Yangtze River Delta Chapter gathered in Zhangjiang to congratulate the creator of the world's first ETC chip - Zhang Pengfei. After more than ten years of product and technology accumulation Leading Beken to be listed on the A-share Main Board in April 2019. The event attracted more than 50 Friends of TEEC.

Zhang Pengfei, the founder and chairman of Beken, firstly expressed his warm welcome to the guests and friends.

【Zhang Pengfei, Founder and Chairman of Beken Corporation】

The usual part of the Yangtze River Delta event - the "Family Rendezvous" introductions are always hilarious and laughter-inducing, so there was a lively discussion from minute to second about the length of the introductions. Dr. Yang Mingzhang is enthusiastically serving as the "Timekeeper".

【Feature sharing】How to get semiconductor active devices into the depot

Mr. Wang Weifeng, Director of R&D of Beken, introduced the ETC standard based on AEC-Q100, the reliability verification of automotive components of the International Association of Automotive Electronics (IAEA), and showed the new product, millimeter-wave radar for detecting motion speed, which is a forward-looking project.

Zhang Pengfei began by explaining the origins of the Beken’s name: BEKEN, meaning beacon, is the earliest wireless communication technology in the history of mankind, and the company's name implies that it is dedicated to the development of wireless transmission chips. Then, he gave a brief introduction of the company, its products and applications, highlighting the company's latest chip, the BK7271, which integrates FM reception, Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode, Wi-Fi 802.11n, audio interface and powerful signal processing functions. It supports FM, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi cloud connectivity and audio encoding and decoding while supporting array microphone noise cancellation, acoustic echo cancellation and artificial intelligence speech recognition. The chip supports the coexistence of classic Bluetooth, low-power Bluetooth, AP, and STA multi-connectivity, and supports star and mesh network architectures for complex IoT devices and gateways. The chip can be used in endpoints for artificial intelligence such as smart Bluetooth speakers and smart appliances connected to the cloud. T-ers asked questions and applauded.

As a leading IC chip design company in China, Beken has a complete wireless communication product platform and supports a wide range of wireless protocols and communication standards after more than 10 years of product and technology accumulation. It provides low-power, high-performance RF transceivers and wireless connectivity SoCs with integrated microprocessors to many well-known customers at home and abroad, and provides complete wireless communication solutions for various application scenarios such as intelligent transportation and Internet of Things.

Better Life with Wireless! The reciprocal visit was ended with a celebratory dinner.

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